Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Gulshan-e-Hadeed (Urdu: گلشن هدید ) is a neighborhood of Bin Qasim Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan[1].

There are several ethnic groups in Gulshan-e-Hadeed including Muhajirs, Punjabis, Sindhis, Kashmiris, Seraikis, Pakhtuns, Balochis, Memons, Bohras, Ismailis, etc. Over 99% of the population is Muslim. The population of Bin Qasim Town is estimated to be over one million. Gulshan-e-Hadeed is a Punjabi sindhi dominated area.

Located on the edge of National Highway, Gulshan-e-Hadeed is at 30 minutes drive from Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport. The neighbouring areas of Gulshan-e-Hadeed include Steel Town, Pipri and Shah Latif Town.

Gulshan-e-Hadeed is divided in two phases (Phase-I and Phase-II)

  • Phase-I is a commercial and residential area. In Phase-I there is a centrally located main commercial market that comprises more than 30 shops and approximately 2500 houses are located all around. Jamiah Masjid “Dayyar-e-Habib” is the biggest mosque that gathers more than 5000 prayers at every Friday prayer. Peer Bazaar (Monday Bazaar) is held in Phase-I on every Monday.
  • Phase-II is mainly a residential area of Gulshan-e-Hadeed comprising of more than 4000 houses. For shopping purposes, phase II is also provided with local small markets in each neighbourhood designated as “L markets” which are 14 in number, scattered within the area of phase II.

Center of Ph-I very beautiful and big Mosque "Jamia Masjid Dayare Habib Trust" is situated. This mosque is included in few of the biggest mosques of Karachi city.

Near the L-2 market is the Jamiah Masjid “Bab-e-Rehmat”, beside which is a huge ground where Bin Qasim Authorities are engaged in constructing Girls Degree College.

There are certain NGO's working for the welfare of the area like Hadeed Welfare Trust, Minhaj Welfare Foundation, Alkhidmat Foundation and many other.Famous Jamati Cricketer "Mudassir bhootni ka" also lives in phase - II. “Budh” Bazar is now held at KDA Line Ground on backside of L-7 Market. Two newly constructed main markets, one near Budh Bazaar ground and other near Doctor Cricket ground, have made phase II equally important in commercial activities like that of phase I. Near “Bab-e-Rehmat” Mosque is the PTCL Telephone Exchange which initially acted as a separate exchange but joined Karachi city Telephone Exchange few years ago and now has become fully digital and also provides D.S.L. Internet connections. On the backside of L-7 market is a Jamia Masjid named “Faizan-e-Madina”.

Couple of years back, the management of Pakistan Steel had planned to establish a new residential phase named Phase-III but move on this proposal has not been witnessed.

Gulshan-e-Hadeed is one of the most popular residential areas of Karachi. Most of the residents work in Pakistan Steel Mills. Gulshan-e-Hadeed is a relatively advanced living area of Bin Qasim Town. It provides almost all facilities regarding business as well as education.

Structure of Gulshan-e-Hadeed is wonderful. It was designed by Russian engineers, who designed it very calculated. Residential houses are built in such a way that the double road, which encircles all around the whole area, faces “C” block bungalows, which are the biggest area wise. Behind “C” block bungalows and facing the double roads that pass across the area are “B” block houses which are of middle size. The core of the area is made up of small sized “A” block houses which are largest in number. By now, the houses facing the main artery of the area have been commercialized by owners. So one would see shops on both sides of the main road that passes through whole the area.

The population of Gulshan-e-Hadeed has been growing tremendously over couple of years due to heavy immigration from interior of Sindh and other provinces. The area is densely populated. The double and tripple-storey houses seem to be increasing in number. Cost of houses ranges from approximately 3 million rupees to over 20 million.

Gulshan-e-Hadeed is also called a school town. According to one estimation, it is one of the towns in Pakistan which are having large number of schools and colleges. It is very beautiful and clean; streets and roads both are carpeted.

The people of Gulshan-e-Hadeed are highly educated and peace-loving. The People are fond of gardening. One would see a small lawn before each house. Most of the people belong to middle income group. The only drawback the residents of this area face is that this area is far away from the centre of Karachi city, almost more than 35 KM from centre of Karachi, so the people who work in Karachi city face transportation difficulties. Also the current UC 6 NAZIM is not doing anything for the town and the sewerage system is becoming worst and roads have only diges and speed breakers with no repairing in last 3 years. Current NAZIM's performance is poor and shameless.

There opened an office for online job program in Gulshan-e-Hadeed also in which youngsters specially University level students taking interest and they doing part time online jobs for earning their pocket money. It is believed that this area will be included in one of the prominent areas in near future as the planned textile, educational, i.t and media cities site area is near to this place. Also AGA KHAN ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY and SIUT branch and CIVIC CENTRE 2 of Karachi will be in its neighbour which increases its importance.

Quaid-e-Azam Park is [located in Steel Town] at a distance of 2 KM from Gulshan-e-Hadeed, is a worth visiting beautiful park. On holidays, people of localities as well as from all over Karachi city arrange picnics to visit this place and enjoy leisure time.